Training as a means of growth

One of the pillars of the growth of any company is the presence of skillful and qualified staff able to make the right choices, both to foster development and to avoid and prevent actions that could put the individual or corporate integrity at risk.

Knowledge and skills can be acquired through training courses in line with the company's requirements, which can arise both from regulatory provisions and from technical-scientific needs and opportunities.

Pairing advanced consulting with training initiatives that allow to create figures capable of managing complex processes, such as those concerning regulatory compliance or the transition towards a sustainable development model, contributes significantly to the identification and management of risks that can affect business continuity.

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Why choose Normatec

Our goal is for professionals and companies to meet their needs in terms of training thanks to flexible programs that satisfy the specific requirements of each customer.

Our team has the skills required to provide training courses on the contents of major ISO standards, as well as the latest regulations on information security and personal data protection (GDPR). We also offer courses focused on the latest development in ESG criteria and sustainability in general.

Furthermore, thanks to years of field experience in sectors such as construction, transport and logistics, we can arrange personalized courses based on customer requests.

In order to ensure the best user experience, courses are delivered both in presence and online with the support of webinars and multimedia content.