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For the planet, for the people

Sustainability means a development condition in which the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation does not compromise the possibility of future generations to fulfill theirs.

Being sustainable translates into a new way of doing business, where the interests of a company are intertwined with the interests of the stakeholders. Furthermore, the public opinion and the market itself push companies to demonstrate how sustainable they and their products are.

Thus, knowing your way in a constantly evolving legislative landscape plays a key role. The UN 2030 Agenda has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to encourage actions in areas critically important for humanity and the planet, and the European Green Deal foresees in its action plan the reorientation of capital flows towards investments promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.

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Our solutions

We can help your organization to manage ESG aspects, that is Environment, Social, and Governance. We support your company on the journey towards sustainability through a portfolio of services useful to show and improve the actions taken and the commitment to sustainable development.

With the help of Normatec you can:

  • provide evidence on the compliance with ESG requirements
  • publish sustainability reports for all interested parties
  • implement training courses for the qualification of ESG Expert and ESG Manager
  • produce data useful to draft non-financial statements
  • acquire an ESG Rating verified by a third party
  • evaluate the supply chain of your organization
  • define an action plan to achieve ESG goals
  • calculate and reduce your Carbon Footprint